Mark Trone Bust

Hi, I’m glad you stopped by! Here’s a little background of my musical journey:

Growing up in the rural Midwest, I had a lot of time to listen to music. Whether it was during long drives down country roads or just listening to music in my bedroom, music became a window into the world beyond my small town. By living vicariously through musicians’ lyrical portraits of their unique experiences around the globe, while entwined in moving melodies, their music allowed me to have an expanded perspective that I wouldn’t have been able to glean from the local culture. In a similar way that books provide a new point of view, music adds the audible element infused with emotion.

My father took me to a pawn shop to buy my first guitar. It was an old Epiphone acoustic. I learned some chords and practiced every day. I was mesmerized by the guitar wizardry of Eddie Van Halen. I saved some money and bought my first electric guitar and a small amplifier. I was thrilled by the new possibilities for different sounds. After some time I started writing my own songs and desired to put them down on a recording.

Since I was a mostly broke high school student who spent most all my money on music recordings, a recording studio was out of my reach. I also couldn’t afford recording equipment (it was before computers), so I started playing with tape recorders. After a while, I saved up enough to buy a four-track cassette recorder and started to record music.

I started a band and we played original music. We recorded some songs and played live. After years of playing in various bands, I decided to record a solo album. So, in 2011 I started writing and recording “Embrace The Rain”. I released the album in 2012. Since then I have been exploring different sounds through recordings. You can check out the recordings I released on the website.

I currently reside in Tampa, Florida, which is a long way from the small town in Illinois where I grew up. I’ve had the opportunity to travel around the world visiting a number of countries. It’s a pleasure to have you visiting my website and taking the time to explore the things here. Thanks for taking the time to read this post and in the spirit of my song “Embrace The Rain” I hope that you can find inspiration in the trying times of life and embrace the good times. Peace and joy to you my friend.