Mark Trone is an independent singer/songwriter/producer of alternative pop music, who currently resides in Tampa, Florida.  Originally from Illinois, rock influences shaped his songwriting style, which are evident in his blend of catchy pop melodies and driving rock rhythms.  Although Mark has recorded a number of solo projects in past years, “Embrace The Rain” was Mark’s first commercial album; released in the summer of 2012 on a self-made label, World Of Tomorrow Records, LLC. The thirteen song self-produced project started in 2009 in a loft apartment in the Soulard district of St. Louis, Missouri, and ended nearly two and a half years later across the river in a townhouse in Illinois. A music video for the single, “Just Another Night” was produced and released with the album.

In 2013, the single, “World Party”, was released with no content video attached.  This song demonstrated an apparent change in musical direction.  While the “Embrace The Rain” album encompassed a retro feel, which was almost a throwback to the 1980’s decade of A.O.R., “World Party” sports a very modern alternative pop sound.  It is a beat driven track that uses heavy synthesizers and is less than three minutes runtime.  The message of the song is upbeat and positive, which is in contrast to the emotionally painful tone of “Embrace The Rain”.  “Howard Stern Song” was released in 2014, a high energy and quirky song.  “Here in this Moment” was released in 2015 along with a music video. The video features young lovers sharing romantic moments on the beach. Also in 2015, a remake of “Ghost in the Attic”, which originally appeared on the “Embrace the Rain” album, was released as a fan only track.  In 2016 another fan only track and remake from the “Embrace the Rain” album, “Just Another Night (2016)” was released. A music video was also accompanied with the release of the track.

For more information, contact and visit the official website You can also find Mark on Facebook at  and Twitter at username @marktrone.

“The thirteen track release is loaded with lyrical displays of ingeniousness and catchy melodies on guitar.  The electric and acoustic-driven compositions are Mark’s trademarks, along with an innate ability to sing clearly and compellingly.”

“Mark Trone’s first commercial release is an adventurous trip into the world of alternative rock with rousing vocals, spirited pop rhythms, and catchy melodies.”

Matthew Forss, Music writer for Verge Magazine


“While “Embrace the Rain” from Mark Trone showcases his musical ability, another large part to the release is his composing side. This side of Trone’s personality is obvious when you listen to the words that are part of the thirteen tracks on Trone’s 2012 release. With songs like “I Loved You all Wrong,” and “Ghost in the Attic,” Trone takes on emotionally painful subjects of love and loss while doing so in a way that the listener will find themselves feeling Trone’s pain as the album moves from track to track. The sad songs coupled with the more upbeat ones help to make this release a well-rounded one.”

“As it is, the album showcases Trone as a talented songwriter with strong musical and vocal abilities. Embrace the Rain from Mark Trone has many moments that listeners are sure to enjoy.”

Matheson Kamin, Editor for The Rock And Roll Report


“It is clear that Trone is attempting to leave a lasting impression on listeners and to connect with them on a level that is more than skin deep. This is an album that is not only full of self awareness, but one that is equally full of intuitive deliberations on the outside world.”

Alec Cunningham, Writer for Blank Newspaper, Knoxville, TN.


“This 13-song album is rife with contagious melodies and thoughtfully intricate lyrics.”

“To summarize Mark Trone’s music would be to say that it is a light in a world that is sometimes full of darkness.  Trone’s positivity is contagious, even when he is singing about pain or heartbreak.  The title of the album itself is a testament to Trone’s way of thinking, and the optimism that he brings forth should be embraced by legions of listeners from all walks of life.  His sophomore effort will be highly anticipated.”

Rhonda Readence – Contributor to “Exciting City Magazine” and freelance writer.


“The artistry and knack Trone has for story-telling will aid in him the longevity of his career. For a debut album, Embrace The Rain is certainly a success and it’ll be interesting to see how Trone builds upon such thriving potential.”

Alexa Spieler – Substream Music Press and AMP Magazine contributing writer